The Internet Spies Among Us

If you’re reading this, your Internet provider is watching you very closely.

The new law in the U.S.A. has gotten a positive vote in the House to allow your Internet Provider to violate your privacy.  The Trump signature will finalize this law. 

The United States Constitution guarantees the right to privacy.  Lawmakers feel they no longer have to be constitutionally correct.  If you’re on the Internet, you will be spied upon all in the name of business.

To be fair, I do believe the intent of privacy in the Constitution was between the government, and the general population.  However, to me, this is the government violating that right by granting the right to intrude on my privacy to someone else.  It is something they have no right granting in the first place. 

Your habits will be shared with your Internet provider to sell advertising according to your internet habits.  Does that include phone service (VOIP) by, cable providers?

You don’t get to opt out.  How does an individual answer this new law?

I will go right to my provider’s bottom line.  I will be sending a letter to each of the new advertisers advising them that they are taking advantage of a new law violating my privacy, and consider them a party to this violation.  I will further advise them that I will refrain from doing business with them, and advise others of their decision to participate in acting on intruding on my privacy.

When the mid-term elections approach, we should be approaching our representatives to establish how they voted on this law.

Added:  3-30/2017:  What about bandwidth?  However little bandwidth the advertising may add is, irrelevant.  I will be allowing myself extra bandwidth without charge or, change Internet Providers.