Repeal & Replace

Well, I got what I deserved.

I thought I was making my own statement of protest against the Republicans, and Democrats by not voting in the last Presidential election.

How dare they put up two sub-standard candidates.  So, I didn’t vote.

Now look what we have.  Yes, there is some fake news out there.  Now we have a second class tv host who enjoyed the words, ‘you’re fired’ so much, he was hoping to copyright the phrase as our ‘fake’ president.  A President spending more time on Twitter at public expense than tending to his presidential duties.

The Trump campaign displayed a candidate who was looking forward to adding the United States of America to a list of companies owned by, Trump.  That is part of the reason he is having a tough time.  

His resume of companies will not include the USA but, does include the now defunct, Trump University.

Trump presents himself as a successful businessman.  No, not true.  He inherited his fortune, and parlayed the fortune in to a business bankruptcy four times.  That is to say he was smart enough to move money around properly to enable the bankruptcy moves.

What about Trump’s taxes?  Where did it all go?

Trump looked good, and sounded good on the campaign trail.  All the crowds showing strong support.  This is the environment he so enjoyed, and appeared at his best.  He was good at campaigning.

Unfortunately for Trump he doesn’t work as well when there is some resistance.  In actually obtaining the job he doesn’t do as well without crowd adoration.

There was plenty of baggage being carried by, Hilary Clinton but, the second class tv host who has become the President of the USA is working diligently at cooling relationships with world leaders who represent friendly nations to the United States.

Ask yourself as I have; Is it more important being partisan or, American?  The answer was obvious for me.

Since I got what I deserve, how do I feel about voting mid-term?   I will be there to consider repealing, and replacing that which doesn’t work.

Question for die-hard partisans:  Have we arrived at the point where we should consider a Parliamentary Democracy that puts  the Electoral College out to pasture returning the power back to each voter, and possibly widening the field of nominees for public office?  

Do we need to force patriotism above partisanship?

Now that I think about it, doesn’t it appeal to every American?