Some inexperienced media commentators are in favor of cutting Social Security, and Medicare.

In their minds, more entitlement programs.

Excuse me.  Take a look at your paycheck deductions.  I looked at mine when I was younger.

I paid for that as every working American pays for it, today.  Every paycheck.

I have often said, these programs were ill-conceived, and don’t work properly.  It’s like running a business that keeps losing money.  Capitalism in its’ wisdom prevents a business like that from continuing.

Now that I’ve paid up through my working life, do not classify these programs as, Entitlement Programs.  

I’m entitled because I paid up in advance but, in desperation to keep the business going, I must pay for Medicare in retirement, and as a convenience, my Social Security is billed for Medicare at approximately 20%.

However, it is well known that Medicare doesn’t pay for much, and requires a private insurance plan as a supplement to make health care manageable in retirement.  That costs another 15%. 

Who is the mis-manager of this business?  Congress.  They ignored it.  Working Americans will pay as will Retired Americans until death do us part.

At various times through the life of Social Security, Congress; Mis-managers of the country’s fiscal policies have borrowed millions of dollars from the Social Security Fund.

I am more than vaguely entitled.  I have paid for a much better working model just as you are paying for during your entire working life.


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