Knock Knock; Who’s There!

Finally!  The Doctor returns!

Who is arriving!  April 15th.  No, it is not a Doctor of Taxation.  That Doctor should have worked his miracles prior to April 15th.  It is….

Who!  Doctor Who returns for the long awaited new season, April 15th on BBC-America.

 It may not be just that easy under new American alien laws.  Can the Doctor go from the BBC to BBC-America or, does the Doctor trump all merely earthly laws?

After this season, will there be a new Doctor?  It appears, Peter Capaldi is calling this his last season as the Doctor.

Who’s next?  Is there another Who?  Is this going to be the last of Who?  How will they explain another regeneration?

The Doctor’s new traveling companion, Bill makes her debut this season.  It will be interesting to see how this pairing works as it will be difficult not to compare past pairings.

Reruns of Doctor Who with Tom Baker as the Doctor from the late 1970’s, early 80’s are being shown on PBS once per week.

More on the rerun front, BBC-America has been featuring several Doctor Who episodes per day on their morning, and mid-day schedule, Monday through Thursday.

While somebody, somewhere has had a falling out with former Doctor, Chris Eccleston, we are being deprived of those episodes. Don’t know if  the falling out is with the Doctor Who franchise or, BBC-America.

Wish they would resolve the Chris Eccleston  situation.

Maybe they can reconcile with Eccleston.  Bringing in a former Doctor may be an explanation for a regeneration that is not a regeneration.

Eccleston played the Doctor for only one season in 2005 before Matt Smith. 

Up to date, Who returns for a new season, April 15th on BBC-America after a very lengthy wait since last season.