Second Nature Needs First Nature Awareness

I’m left handed, and I live in a two story apartment.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing elaborate.  about 350 sq./ft./story.  It is quite small.

Every day, it’s up, and down stairs, and fingers to grasp the wooden handrail. A Very nice, and well finished wooden handrail.  Never a second thought, it’s just a daily necessity.

However, not long ago just last month, I found out every move I make needs to be made with full awareness.  No more moves classified, “second nature.”

Anyway, without thinking about it, I made my usual grab of the handrail for support on my way upstairs.

Splinter!  Oh, ow!  No big deal, though.  Just a grab with a pair of tweezers, disinfecting alcohol, and I’m done.

This is not the end of this little adventure.

My left hand is gaining the look of the Pillsbury Doughboy.  This is not good.

Wait, stop, whoa!  I did what I was suppose to do.  Given some time, I’ll be good.

Wrong!  My left hand becomes a model for Pillsbury, and it’s not getting better as I wait for it to normalize.

Normalization escapes me so, we’re off to Quick Care at the hospital. I am assigned to ER for a more detailed diagnosis, and treatment.

ER  determines a definite infection which needs an immediate arrest so they decide on a course of outpatient IV infusion of antibiotics.  They are going to dump the stuff in to me.  Twice/day for a little over an hour/visit.  This is being suggested for 4 days.

Okay, this is really not good.  Not good at all.  Consider, this is over a splinter that I took every proper precaution.

Day 3.  The good stomach bacteria is being systematically dismantled by, the antibiotics.  I need some live culture yogurt which contain pro-biotics to rebuild the good stomach bacteria.

The day 3 later visit produces some new unexpected conclusions.  The RN administering the IV looks at my hand, and says “This is not producing any results!  I really think this should be re-analyzed by, ER.”

Back to ER.  New doctor looks at records of my previous visits, looks at my hand, and confers with a specialist.

They decide, I should become a resident of the hospital.  Wait a minute, hold on.  This is all over a damn splinter that I properly removed with tweezers, and disinfected!

Well, Mr. Pillsbury you’re going to need some dough.  Boy!  No kidding.  The residency in the hospital is going to include surgery to cut out the infection.

Surgery!!!!!!!!  Splinter surgery!!!!!  Are you kidding?

At first, I was not aware that it would take more than one surgery.  For a splinter!

They had to cut infection from both the top, and palm of the hand.  Then they had to cut to insert a draining apparatus as well.

Why the infection?  What I found out later was the Surgeon had found nearly a quarter of an inch of the splinter still embedded in my hand.

Any good stomach bacteria being revived by pro-biotics is defeated by the onslaught of antibiotics during my entire hospital stay.

Eight days, and 3 surgeries in to this mess I am released from the hospital but, not without a prescription for pain, and another month of antibiotics at home.  I am instructed to complete the antibiotics prescription until gone.

My digestive tract becomes a mess under repair over time.  The hand is on the high end of hurt but, not strong enough to extend those brain player pain pills.  I will hand hurt some but, will not even finish the initial pain med. prescription.

I have become more ambidextrous than ever.  My right hand has become a functional component of my body’s movements.  Don’t misunderstand.  When I’m finished with hand therapy,  if I return as a fully functional southpaw, I will have arrived.

This post is all being made right-handed with lots of stretch, incorporating hunting, and pecking.

My usual second nature grab for the handrail is now a highly conscientious move.  No more sliding my hand along the handrail.  Single grabs on the handrail. 

Even second nature moves require your first nature awareness.  Maybe second nature really doesn’t exist; Perhaps everything is, first nature.