It’s A Christmas Who

Merry Christmas!!  Happy Hanukah!  (There’s a red underline…I always get it wrong!  Maybe 2 n’s or perhaps 2 k’s.  I need to do this right!) Hanukkah!  Did some homework! 

The 1st glimpse of a new Who episode since last season ended, and Clara gone.  Wonder if Bill makes her grand entrance, tonight?

The Doctor, who has been absent returns after quite a long hiatus!  

The Doctor Who Christmas Special premieres tonight on BBC-America for those of us dwelling across the water from home base.

Looking forward, and Who will be in some theaters before too long?!  A full length movie?

All well, and good but, can we get some official start time for the new season of Doctor Who?  Maybe, just maybe we’ll get that info. tonight during the breaks?????

 Happy Holidays!  And to all a Happy New Who!