Where’s Who?

That is not the relevant question.  It is, not where.  Who knows where but, more relevant is; When is Who?  

I will try to answer the more relevant because once we know that answer, the secondary question will become the relevant inquiry.

Although Dr. Who will have a Christmas Special, Season 10 is not quite in focus just yet.  They seem to be running very late.  

My misinterpretation of the promos on BBC-America that last night’s 1966 animated adventure was an introduction of sorts to season 10 were obviously wrong.  

I thought maybe the strong indications season 10 was still cooking were wrong, and BBC-America was saying, ‘Surprise!’  

The vintage cartoon series dates back to the mid-1960s, and follows the regeneration of Doctor 1 to Doctor 2 with the companions trying to make sense of it all.

I found out soon enough last night’s episode was only the first of six episodes of an animated Doctor Who mini-series.  

By the time they reach the end of 6 cartoons full of Doctor Who we’ll be in time for the Christmas Special, and then I’d like to see a repeat of Season 9 in sequential order as a lead in to Season 10.  

More realistically, the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs will begin their MLB quest in the Spring of 2017 for another World Series victory as the Doctor Who season 10 begins on BBC-America.

Season 10 spoilers?  Only to repeat information already well placed over the WWW, and other public venues but, work with me here just in case you haven’t heard any of these before.  

The rumor mill has some concrete proof with statements or, rumors of statements by, Peter Capaldi saying he would  be leaving the Doctor Who role with season 10 being the end for this Doctor.

If that is true, will the story line somehow evolve past 13 regenerations of the Doctor?  How will that be explained?  How about beginning again with a new Doctor in a parallel world?  

Some spoilers……

River Song returns.   One of my favorite personalities!  What I don’t know about her return is whether they will appease one of my favorite possible scenarios putting River Song, and Missy in a story line where they vehemently oppose one another.

Matt Smith returning as part of the Doctor’s memory?  As much as I can tell, that would be a spoiler, dismissed.

Everybody’s cutting costs but, nothing trimmed off the quality of each episode of 12 in Season 10.  

You want to assure me there have always been 13 episodes to a season. Accepted but, like I said, due to budget cuts the quality will be maintained….over 12 episodes this coming season.  

Steven Moffat will hand over Doctor Who Showrunner responsibilities to fresh talent upon the conclusion of Season 10.

On another related subject.  I have been criticized by some for my enjoyment of
Doctor Who.

The number one criticism seems to be that the series really stretches science beyond even, Science Fiction.

First, I would say to just enjoy it as comedy.  Understand, Doctor Who has progressed past Science as it first began in the 1960s.  

It has also progressed past Science Fiction for the so-called purist, graduating instead to a Daveological Society class of science known as Fictional Science which simply means they get to make up the science as they go. 

It is as if you’ve thought science out to the edge of your imagination, and Doctor Who’s writers then go a step further just to tickle your imagination.  

The writers seem to know where the collective imagination stretches, and then they make fun of it.  Just for the fun of it!

So watch Doctor Who just for the fun of it!