You Are You; I Am Me

….and yet, we are immediate family.

I’m sorry.  Now that I’m faced with you, and who you are, we are not immediate family.  We can’t be.  You are not me.  You are you.  

I am me, I am the family.  Your Mother is the family.

You were brought up as my child.  You’re mine.  You belong to me.  I taught you the exact script to relate to the Divine.  I gave you the exact word. 

You were taught to be righteous but, there is only one way to be righteous.  Only as you were taught as a member of this family.  

As it turns out, you are not me.  You have found your own way.  This immediate family has only the script you were dealt.  There is no other path to follow.  I am offended you have used the mind, and heart the Divine has given you as a free thinker, to tell me there can be another path.

You ventured out.  You made friends.  You even married out of the thread.  You expanded your horizons.  Don’t you understand, ‘they’ are not like us.  You owed me; Me…through you.

There may even be another path but, this family is about one, singular path.  You betray me.  You betray this family.

You were suppose to be me.  I am me.  Who are you?  You were suppose to be me.  I gave you, my ego.

My ego grants me superiority because, I know the script. Some don’t.

The public schools should shield you with ‘One nation under God.’  There is the script.  That is the only script.

There are many parents out there who feel just this way.

This same nation is also, ‘indivisible, with liberty….’  However, we can only recite one with the other.  Even if the two might literally be in conflict.

Most religions, and this country were founded as ‘accepting of all,’ and yet we can’t.  

There are some countries that do not vibrate with freedom.  Instead they accept only those of one singular mind, and if you lived there that, would be your belief.  You could not decide as a parent or, child.  No matter that you have a divinely given mind intended for your free thought. 

Somebody says, ‘God’ and others are offended.  Another says ‘Buddha,’ and another, ‘Krishna.’  It’s all offensive to someone.  None offend me because they describe ‘The Divine.’

The ‘Universal Energy’ describes the Divine.  I am not offended. It all describes the same.

All of this chaos we create probably violates all the tenets of the Divine.  We orchestrate hate among us even though love is suppose to be the binding element of all the Divine’s teachings. 

We refuse others the ability to refer to that which is Divine in their own way, and affording them the most comfort.  Only we are allowed comfort because, we know the script referring to the Divine verbatim.

The Godfathers, and Dictators of immediate families would sacrifice an entire family unit for these so-called principles.  In my estimation, a lack of principle, and more a product of the ego. 

Just how selfish must we be?

No child ‘belongs’ to parents only to carry forth their ego.

My Dear Son,  You are you.  I love you.  I am proud of you.  I’m still me.   …..And we are all together.