What Is It Exactly That You’re Buying?

You are introduced to something on the internet that looks good, sounds good, and fairly priced.  Something that piques your interest, and being sold by, someone who appeals to you as your newest best friend.

There are various products, programs, and newsletters all around you, and they can easily infiltrate your email.

The on-line marketers are a vast community with an endless well of resources that could look good with  their own products, and programs that they are hopeful you will purchase.

So, in some cases you do get a program or, product as described but, in many cases you don’t receive a product or, program in its’ entirety.  Once purchased, your newest best friend will send you lots of email to keep you updated.  As the saying goes;  ‘But wait!  There’s more!’

Many times though not always you’ve only bought in on the beginning.  What you’ve bought just happens to have a companion, and it is special for you at a special sale price!

There is one I fell for big time.  I am interested in alternative health care, the natural foods, and supplements associated with it.  I did not think for one moment the foods they would deem unsafe would only be revealed upon purchase of an antidote supplement.  An antidote for what?

  $100+ for nothing more than a descriptive catalog of all their companion company’s products.  The follow-up was a continual flow of emails each linking to a tedious, lengthy video on another web site to sell third party vendor products.

Only a rank amateur in the business would have only one product, service, newsletter or, program.  The experienced always have something else whether it is their own or another vendor’s material for sale.

 The more experienced have several, and although you can reach some success with the original program or product, you cannot achieve 100% success without the companions.   All of them.

You think you can but, you can’t as these marketers are schooled in the psychology of shopping.  Check out your email as they build up what’s next in line just as you attempt to build a solid defense.

That isn’t their only marketing offensive.  They may just be beginning so, they’ve got a single product, service, newsletter or, program that is still not enough to survive.  

They have their very best new friends in the business world.  Each other.  Oh yes, don’t you know?  They’ve forged the very best, life-long friendship over 15 minutes, and a reciprocal selling agreement.  You sell mine, I’ll sell yours.

Before you know it, your email will prove it.  You have bought little to nothing except the right to buy more.

This is where it gets tough because there are some legitimate marketers out there doing the same things described in this post but, it is all there for you to see as you walk in the door.

I’m not saying the methods of doing business employed are illegitimate.  Business does have to survive by the numbers but, only the greatest survive by operating in an esteemed authenticity mode for their customers. 

It is up to the discriminating customer to determine the legitimacy of who they purchase from, and cut the ties that bind you to the illegitimate marketing prowlers in your mail box.