Taking My Own Binaural Advice

It is time to take my own Binaural advice.  This is a bit of a bitter pill to swallow but, the choice is clear.

I must discontinue the use of Binaural Beats Meditations.

It has been about 15 yrs. since I had a seizure.  Sure enough, it qualifies me to be
predisposed to seizure activity.  Don’t have to be diagnosed as an Epileptic, just predisposed.

I got a reminder with a petit mal seizure, yesterday.

All the good the Binaural Beats have been doing in a relatively short time does not remain.  Binaural Beats Meditations should be done daily to reap full reward.

I have learned in a very short time, there are rewards including more sound sleep (best I’ve had in a long time,) and just beginning to feel better.

Unfortunately, this kind of brain entrainment could be dangerous to someone with my particular health problem.

There are discussions warning of the possibilities without complete, conclusive studies. 

I was hoping for the best, and in my own study, the results are not conclusive.  It is only that a reasonable time line can be drawn.  However, the results for me were enough to discontinue any more Binaural Beats Meditations.

The end result is my loss.  Certainly, I would like to continue with the Binaural Meditations but, unfortunately until studies conclude which, if not all of these brainwave meditations are a detriment to my condition, I will have to maintain on the safe side of the equation.