Binaural Beats Meditations

It all started with another self improvement program promising riches beyond my beliefs.

First of all, there is no beyond to my beliefs.  My beliefs are forever changing, and I hopefully will never have a beyond to an ever expanding pool of beliefs.

Why?  I’m open to any new beliefs that expand my very best, me.

Any riches I receive will be because of causes I’ve made for the right effect.  Cause, and effect.

I am not adverse to paying somebody for what they know that might push me forward in my thinking, giving me new insight,  in turn expanding my beliefs, and/or changing them.

 My introduction to this venue comes from Centerpointe featuring Holosync which I have been happy with during the several weeks I’ve used it.

Some of the history of Binaural Beats, and their progression through science is featured on Ennora, one of several prominent producers, and distributors of brain re-training materials.  

So, to digress, it all started with one program offering an introduction to Binaural Beats as part of the program.

Of everything in that program, it was that offering that surprised me the most.  The Binaural Beats left me wanting more, and I was directed to their content provider.

That discovery made that program valuable for me.  I always search for the value.  I never try to disprove.  I didn’t spend the money for something of no value.  Wouldn’t it be a bit ridiculous, and a bit egotistical all at the same time to spend money on something I have every intention of finding no value?

Anyway, I was directed to Centerpointe, and made a purchase of Holosync which I have been using for a few weeks.

As a result, I have become a more disciplined participant in a daily meditation routine.  I spend an hour every morning from darkness to sunrise meditating to Holosync.

I want to be very sure of the results but, I will say a time line can be drawn for some improvement with feeling more awake through the day, and a more optimistic attitude.

However, with each program comes more value.  I’m learning more about Binaural Beats meditations, and I have been led to some due diligence to search further in to the Binaurals.

I have found some on You Tube, and found some downloads elsewhere for a nominal fee.

My search has led me to different Binaural Meditations produced for different, specific reasons.

A couple of the Binaurals produced specifically for a good night’s sleep that I have tried had proven themselves to me from night one.

Admittedly, sleep has gotten better since beginning with Holosync but, the Binaural Meditations produced specifically for a restful sleep did not disappoint from the very first night.

There was no doubt about achieving some of the most restful nights of sleep I’ve had that were previously only a distant memory.  I thought I remembered ‘restful’ but have found a new definition utilizing the Binaural Sleep Meditations within just an hour or two of bed time.

So now, I’m eager to utilize some of the other specific meditations offered.  

A consensus of several sources on-line prescribe a maximum of 2 to 3 hours/day of Binaural Meditations separating them by, several hours of time so as not to max out on the benefits they provide.

Other discussions have cautioned those pre-disposed to seizure activity to consult with a medical professional before listening to Binaural Meditations as it was reported these meditations could actually activate a seizure episode.