A Very Special Life Saving Mantra

Falling, falling in to a victimization frame of mind.  I was becoming the victim of my own making.

I could become a victim?  I could but, where did it start?  

It began as a quick scroll of thoughts.  My imagination.  Taking simple thoughts, and imagining the worst they could become. I was sinking fast.

Destiny:  Victimization.  Poor me.  I realized just how easy it might become for me  to bring myself in to a depression.  I was moving in just that direction.

What I’m about to tell you may sound weird to some, and maybe not so much to others.

Many of today’s Spiritual Teachers will tell you there’s a simple method for removing yourself from the bottom.  

Until now, I didn’t get it.  Gratitude.  

Thankful.  I’ve tried that before, and it was okay but, I didn’t recognize any magic to Gratitude so, I went along with it as I’m eager to succeed.  I’ve been willing to go with it.

How did Gratitude rescue me from a depression after all, I’ve been there, done that?

I’ve done it before but, it’s  always been, ‘Thank you for…..’   It has always been the inverse of any negative thoughts, always a thank you for what could be.  That really isn’t so bad but, I found out today, it can be better.  Much better.

The key:  ‘Thank you.’  Thank you without other thought.  Just, thank you.  For only a moment but, an important moment, the ego was perhaps completely detached.

For just that time, I was able to be thankful for the sake of thankfulness itself.  It was different, and it moved my entire thought pattern from negative bordering on depression  to positive.

This was new for me, and I intend to use this in all its’ simplicity on a daily basis.  

Gratitude runs deeper than I can explain but, I gained a little bit of life saving wisdom on the subject, today.