Why Be Special When I’m Not?

There are many things I’d like but, I have kept quiet about them.  I mean some of my desires have been so outlandish, I hesitate.  Embarrassment.  For a number of reasons.

Other people achieve those things but, nobody in my family has ever achieved those kinds of things.  Why should I achieve those milestones in life?  Maybe it would be unfair to the family legacy.

I’m okay.  Perhaps because I’ve always believed I’m okay so, I’m okay.  It’s okay to just be okay, right?

My wants stretch the imagination.  I’ve secretly always wanted more than, ‘okay.’

Another reason for maintaining, okay.  I’m a Boomer.  I have made it to the ranks of Senior Citizenship.  Too late.

After looking over my list; Not one reason exists for me to keep quiet.  All of those ‘reasons’ are a composite what my sub-conscious thinks of me.  These were my self limiting beliefs at work.

Remember, the sub-conscious always takes precedence over the conscious.

It’s like going to school for your entire student life, and scoring a ‘C’ average because the As & Bs are for special students.  I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to take an “A’ or ‘B’ from one of those kids.

 Up to now, I have been a rip roaring success at maintaining my desires a secret and I have been a rip-roaring success at just being okay.  Average.  Just fitting in with the crowd.  The average crowd.  My average crowd.

So, I can use all the excuses above, and go to my average grave as an average stick in the mud.  Imagine all the satisfaction I’m going to be feeling the day before I die.  Unless….

 I recant all the excuses above, and any other similar self-doubts I might develop along the way.

My Secret is out or, I should say, my secrets are out.  

Check out my Visionary Notebook page on this blog for my Declarations.

As an umbrella, I declare myself special, destined for a special life!