Stop! & Think About It

How many times in our lives do we have a knee-jerk reaction to a seemingly negative circumstance, and in retrospect the reaction took up too much time?  It consumed us.  

We are more concerned with a momentary ego kick because, we were right, and the circumstance was wrong.

How can a circumstance be wrong when, it does exist?  

The circumstance pops up in our lives, and we respond in such a way that keeps the circumstance alive, and well in our lives in each moment that follows.  As long as we wish to keep it there.

Here’s an example.  Medicare does not cover cough suppressants.  Knee-jerk reaction:  Go to war with Medicare.  As long as I choose to fight this circumstance head-on, that circumstance gains momentum, and I gain, anger.

Nobody wins, and Medicare doesn’t lose.  

However if, I maintain the circumstance it remains the same, and occupies much of my time.  I might be the only loser in this whole situation because, I could just let it fester within.

Or………get over it.  It is as it is, and in being so, I dismiss the circumstance as it is no longer a circumstance in my life.

My wife has conditions that suggest chronic Bronchitis which produces a chronic cough.

What do we do?  What substitutes that knee-jerk reaction to properly dismiss the entire, very real situation?

Some deductive thinking.  She requires her lungs to be dried out more often.  She really needs a medicine to relieve her lungs of all that wet ‘stuff,’ that creates the cough and in her case something more than Musinex (guaifinesin.)

Once we find that relief, a much less expensive cough syrup could be used as needed, and not as a daily treatment for the entire problem.

Maybe Medicare covers this circumstance more than they think they do, and maybe this is the Silver Lining.

The circumstance as I originally designed it, only existed only as long as I allowed it to exist.  We now have a new circumstance that’s more positive.