River’s Husband Collection

Last night’s Doctor Who Christmas Special did not disappoint me.

It was a reminder of how I felt watching Doctor Who for the first time.  My first reaction was, ‘Star Trek on drugs!’

This was a light plot investigating more of the dimensional characters of The Doctor, and River Song.

It had plenty of comedy with Peter Capaldi demonstrating more dimension to his great acting skills.

The chemistry between Peter Capaldi, and Alex Kingston was very good. 

There was one scene where The Doctor begins to laugh uncontrollably with River objecting to his laughter when they are faced with a serious combatant.

He looks at her, and says something to the effect of, ‘we’re being threatened by, a bag!,’ and they both are struck with uncontrollable laughter.  

Was that moment rehearsed or, did Capaldi realize this at that very moment?  Better left in the final cut if, that was the case.  If not; It was funny, anyway.

There was another gag for Christmas at the beginning of the episode.  It is assumed The Doctor left a note on the TARDIS indicating ‘Carolers will be criticised.’  Well, Merry Christmas!

The first knock on the door of The TARDIS is a visitor looking for a ‘Doctor.’  The door is opened by, ‘The Doctor’ who promptly asks the visitor if, there is something on his head.

Antlers.  Is that a return from the TARDIS for his anti-caroling note?

I’m not going to dwell on the story line too much as others have done a very good job.

I have read some reviews glad to see Doctor Song float down the river, and out of sight.  For me, it’s the other story.  I will miss her story line.

Then again, River being River, and The Doctor as himself know that there is more life to River.  24 years, and certainly each of them have much to do in the universe during that time.

I’d like to see a story line develop with River Song, and Missy.

Anyway, this episode had a Christmas backdrop but, the story line had little to do with Christmas.