Heroes of Humanity

Humanity is in its’ infancy.  Limited understanding.  Limited accomplishment.

This is not a negative statement.  This is a positive opportunity.  Humanity has an opportunity to mature.  And we will.  One by, one.

Each one of us will play a key role.  This maturation will take every individual component of humanity to participate.

You will know we have succeeded when we no longer honor soldiers as heroes.  We will no longer have to because, a fighting soldier will cease to exist.  They will be an unnecessary component of this society.

Humanity will have grown up when there are no reasons for one human to prey upon another.  The reasons we have today will be foreign to our world society.

Violations will be the work of evil with no reverence for those participating.  No exceptions for one country over another, and no exceptions for the governments represented.

Humanity will have new heroes.  Teachers, Parents, Scientists, and Philanthropists.

When our specie finally matures, there will be no terrorists, no wars, no invasions, etc.  No sons, and daughters never to return to their families because of their participation.

Without the need for soldiers, we will have new heroes.

Until this becomes a reality for this world, I can only go as far as humanity has allowed.

I salute our troops with a Merry Christmas, and a safe journey home very soon.