I Knew Who

I had my suspicions as to just who was who on Who.  Better defined, I had a feeling who did what to Who.

I can verify my previous suspicions via my earlier comments this past week,  published on another blog discussing this very subject.

The doctor Who season Grand Finale was nothing less than grand.

From the moment the opening credits began, I was mesmerized.

Last week, our Whovian minds filled with an episode where Jenna Coleman’s name was conspicuously absent from the credits.  After all it was the episode after they dealt with Clara’s departure.  Now we could rest with certainty.

Knocking out the certainty, The Grand Finale credit display once again featured, Jenna Coleman.  Whoa!

Sure enough, Clara was featured several times.

During this time period, and through some of the finale we are led to believe Ashildr was directly responsible for Clara’s death deed.

In the latest installment, The Doctor finds Clara ‘alive’ but, ‘without a pulse, in between heartbeats.’  The Doctor is prepared to break ‘the rules.’

Moving back in time, he prevents the Raven from completing Ashildr’s (Me’s) death warrant on Clara.  Advised of all the possible consequences on time itself, the Doctor cannot be reasoned with to prevent the obliteration of time.  He is only concerned with Clara.

Clara does not accept the breaking of the rules trying to reason with the Doctor that she wants her memories, her life, and death as they were meant to be.  She reasons they belong to her, and not The Doctor.

The Doctor is convinced that he can simply wipe her memory of him, and she will continue as will time.  Otherwise, he could wipe his memory of her which eventually occurs, and becomes the crux of the story.

We have been hyper-focused on Ashildr as a villainous ‘witch’ responsible for Clara’s death.  Another character given life by a talented Maise Williams.

There has been one popular character absent from the last few episodes, and this absence has facilitated my suspicions.  It is this character who has been pulling the puppet strings.  This character has been the Conductor of the Orchestra.

Welcome back, Michelle Gomez as Missy……

Michelle Gomez is a brilliant actress who, can make the your worst nightmare seem like your best dream in her characterization of Missy.

She plays the part of the ‘Master’ so well, we continue to root for her.  We ache to be on her team if only she would be a true friend to the Doctor.

It seems Missy is envious of any close relationship the Doctor forges with anybody else, and will stop at nothing to prevent any close relationships with the Doctor as she has done with Clara. 

Does Missy merely long for the early relationship she once enjoyed   with the Doctor on Gallifrey?  Is it that Missy wants to be known as ‘The Doctor’s closest friend?’

Missy has been seemingly nice to the Doctor at times but, only until we get out of the dark tunnel in to the sunlight.  Then we get the true picture.

As for this season of Doctor Who, I would say overall, it made me more of an enthusiastic Whovian looking forward to next season.