A Heavenly Doctor Who

This Doctor Who season is winding down with the finale next week.  This week’s story was, ‘Heaven Sent’ with the finale being ‘Hell Bent.’

Why ‘Heaven Sent?’  It appears The Doctor was sent to a personal ‘hell.’  He was apparently  sent there by, Ashildr who is believed to be evil, and responsible in his eyes for Clara’s demise. 

To look at Ashildr (Me) she may appear to be at first sight, anything but evil.

The story has Me forcing the Doctor’s transport to this castle we see as the Doctor’s interrogation room.

I cannot say enough about Peter Capaldi.  He is an excellent actor, continuing to add dimension not seen until now to the Doctor’s character.

This was a classy production for me.  Capaldi’s acting, the camera work, editing for the final cut, and the supporting music.  It all added up to an episode I’ve watched three times, and will watch again. 

This episode leaves me with many questions.  Hopefully some are answered in the finale but, I expect some more will linger through to next season.

On a scale of 0-100, this one gets a 101!