Thank You Because You Didn’t!

Thank you for not shopping!

I told them but, nothing can be done about it.  It’s a corporate thing.

We could have closed the doors yesterday, and made more profit.  There were twice as many employees as there were customers. 

As you well know, I consider going to shop on Thanksgiving a direct reflection of all that is wrong with today’s family values.

Retailers were smart in recognizing this deterioration of family values, and they capitalize.  Retailers exploit the one all-American holiday meant to magnify family values.   They open their doors with a total disregard for that one American holiday.

As a CEO of a major retailer, I would approach the holiday season a little differently.  If I was forced to compete, and opened on Thanksgiving, it would be early to no later than 1pm so families could gather without a deadline on the holiday.  Left to me alone.  Stay home with your families.  The doors will open on Friday morning.

The retailers are not the only ones to blame.  We have responded.

The company I work for has lots of stores.  We chase everybody else  without really establishing a niche of our own.  Senior Management seems to be under the illusion all they have to do is open the doors.

The strategy for this company goes markedly unchanged in the stores over my 15 years with the company. 

This public company has been involved in *M&A activity several times through the years yielding pretty much the same end result.

The stock of this company never reflects true performance with  the upward spikes only coming with M&A activity.

*M&A = Mergers and Acquisitions.