Who Sang Mr. Sandman?

Last week’s Doctor Who had us awake as the need for sleep was minimally necessary. 

Sleep had been overcome with a simple rewire of the brain by simply lying down in a sleep pod.  A few minutes of sleep would suffice in place of what we know as a full month’s worth of sleep.

Nature had been overcome in the name of productivity.  If memory recalls, we had been taken to the 38th century.  Maybe the 28th, and I admit maybe not remembering but, that could be due to a lack of sleep.

Watching over me through every waking moment was sleep dust.  Sleep dust?  The particles that gather in the corners of your eyes.

Sleep dust brushed aside by the entire  population led the way to a new civilization of live  sleep dust.  Watching every waking moment.

That episode of The Doctor will be aired tonight before the new episode of Doctor Who on BBC-America.

Some of us may be sleeping so, make sure the DVR is ready.

The song, Mr. Sandman?  The song was made popular in 1954 by, The Chordettes, and recorded numerous times by a number of different recording artists.

Bom, bom, bom, etc.