Clara Dies

Clara Oswald is dead.

No!  No! No!  I will miss Clara’s character.

We are getting close to the end of this season, and Clara is gone.

Many other bloggers have eloquently given their descriptions of ‘Face The Raven.’  Some have gone scene to scene with vivid descriptions complete with Spoilers.

It seems as though Clara has died.  At least we are led to believe it but, Doctor Who is not the series to believe the believable.  After all, we were led to believe Jenna Coleman’s character would last appear in the Dr. Who Christmas Special.

Perhaps the Doctor will travel to a different point in time to make contact in-person but, never the two can meet for one reason or, another.  I.E.  Rose.

I digress.  Why will I miss Clara?  She has been smart.  She gave the Doctor opportunities to re-examine his own psyche.

There are times the Doctor’s character is reckless without thinking of all of the possible consequences.  During these times, it was Clara who pushed him to think.  She pushed the envelope with him because she cared about him so much.

 Some have said Clara had come off as bossy.  I have not found that on my list of truths.  This is not to say that Clara couldn’t have back stepped several times as the Doctor evolved with more thought to circumstance.

I liken it to a plug in to electricity.  The Doctor is that plug but, Clara is the third prong.  The grounding influence, and stops at nothing to maintain that ground for his sake.

Jenna Coleman, and Peter Capaldi have worked well together but, I look forward to meeting the Doctor’s new companion who has not yet been seen on Doctor Who to this point.  Supposedly someone brand new.

Clara’s character has been very well portrayed by, Jenna Coleman who has elected to move on for new entries on to her resume.