Bill Ackman’s Health Portfolio

Multi-millionaire Bill Ackman who heads up the Pershing Square portfolio last week condemned billionaire, and long time chief operator of Berkshire-Hathaway, Warren Buffett for holding a large chunk of the Coca-Cola Company.

Ackman reasoned Coca-Cola has lead the way to obesity, and a pathway to an upsurge of unhealthy, diabetic Americans.

Here’s what Ackman failed to mention.  One of the chief components in his Pershing Square portfolio includes a large share of QSR Restaurant Group. 

QSR serves lots of healthy food choices through their Wendy’s locations.   Would you like a soft drink at one of their Wendy’s locations or, through one of their Tim Horton’s outlets?

Ackman may have also forgotten his healthy holding with Burger King.  Soft drinks, and french fries for the health conscious eater.

Irrelevant talk as we all make our own choices.  My diet is my choice, my responsibility.  As for children.  They are dependent on prudent choices made for them by their parents.

The Daveological Society would assert that you can accomplish more by taking action for something rather than against.

The negative will decrease equal to the amount of positive you choose to build.

Using these principles, Ackman could have done better.