Minimum Wage Shouldn’t Be Minimal

There are Chief Executive Officers who threaten job loss with a higher minimum wage.  They will not be able to afford the wage increase.

In a publicly traded company, it is admittedly difficult because of a continual expectation by Wall Street for each company to improve earnings every quarter. There is an expectation of a continual, endless expected non-stop spiral up in earnings every 3 months.

Wall Street needs to change their attitude on this upward earning spiral. 

I would prefer investing in a company that is continually profitable regardless of whether it is caught up in an occasional upward or, downward spiral.  With a way up the spiral, there is easily a way down.

Now for the minimum wage.

We have a mistaken value system in this country.  We have a higher regard for those who make the plans than those who must execute the plans.  There is a major error in our value system.

We need the visionaries but, without those putting the vision in to action we just have a lot of plans. 

The value system must change.  While there may still be a gap, this gap must become smaller. 

Somebody else needs to establish a metric for a tax penalty if the gap is too great between the highest paid executive, and the lowest paid worker including pay, stock options, and the value of any other compensation.

Tax the excessive gap, and raise the minimum wage.

Stand-up Comic, Presidential candidate, Donald Trump is all for keeping those at the bottom of the pay scale, no further up that scale than they are now.

The business mogul is so inventive as an executive, he looks no further than a stronghold on wages at the bottom.  It is all we can do to be competitive, so he said on a telephone interview on Monday’s (November 16) CNBC’s Squawk Box.

How inventive can the visionaries be under those circumstances?

To think there is a business or two that just might continue business as usual.  Costco is one of them.