The Anti-USA Family Plan

It is time for American families to prepare for the grand opening of the anti-family season.

The population cannot resist.  Celebrate Thanksgiving but, hurry up!  Get it over, and done.

So little time for family.  After all, regardless of any differences in religious beliefs we all have the commonality of American family spirit.  And what common American holiday says it better than, Thanksgiving?

Hurry up, and get the one representative American holiday out of the way.  It is time for all the anti-American Family retailers to open their doors on Thanksgiving.  They wouldn’t do it if, we weren’t such willing participants.

Family?  What family?  Country?  What country?  Retailers open for business on Thanksgiving are showing their disregard for family, and country.  Consumers showing up at their doors complete the lack of regard for family, and country.

So, together, once again we show a disregard for country, or family, and sacrifice the best representation of American family values allowing retailers to take precedence.

This is one of those holidays that should be sacred to Americans, and not sacrificed to such superficiality.

Thanksgiving should be a day for family without time restraints given by, retailers to interrupt the holiday.  We accept those times by, arriving when retailers tell us to arrive.

I work in retail.  I promise you.  The majority of workers would like just three days/yr. with family.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and to a lesser degree,  New Year.

Problems in any local retail store which may conflict with corporate policy will have to be resolved the following Monday when most of the senior corporate executives may or, may not return from their holiday.

Happy Thanks’ for shopping, and….’Giving.’