Can’t We Let Zygons Be Zygons?

Another 2 part Doctor Who concluded last Saturday night.

This was the best Who so far, this season.  At least for me it was the best of season.

What an incredible script!  This story line took on the question as to whether the human race should be trusted as the custodians of negotiating a peaceful planet. 

The script showed that we have the capabilities necessary to oversee a just, peaceful planet but, asks us to examine if we’re willing.

The script gives us a probable, ‘no’ as the Doctor answers an inquiry regarding a lack of understanding as to just how to accomplish a negotiated peace.  To paraphrase an exasperated Doctor, ‘What’s wrong with you people?; You just talk!’

While Peter Capaldi has been solid as the Doctor, this script was one that  showcased the epitome of his supreme acting skills.


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