Prime Choice

I was watching the PBS-tv show, The BrainThe episode was all about choice.

Life is all about choices, and our ability to make them depends on emotion, and logic.

As much as I want to believe my choices are all logical with suppressed emotion they aren’t, and as a ‘normal’ human being I can leave neither emotion or, logic behind as the decision is being made.  I’m thinking one can be primary, and one secondary but, each always has a role in choice.

We are who we choose to be is a comfortable fit.  This echoes my beliefs.  That being true, I certainly must have made sub-conscious moves that have taken me places I never wanted to go. 

I have always considered myself logical.  Does that mean that logic changes with time, and circumstances? 

Perhaps logic is a constant.  If logic is a constant, is it possible to consider over time that we grow to become more flexible with constants? 

If all of this as a premise is true, is it possible we choose more wisely with age as opposed to when we are younger?

When we are younger we arrive at an understanding, and sometimes a belief that we will be enriched as we progress through time.

I now understand that, enrichment requires choices.  Many times when we are younger, we are reckless without thinking about making a choice.  In doing so, some of us may be surprised later.

Yes, I was surprised but, still plan with conscious choices at this late date so that I may become a philanthropist.

It is never too late to make conscious choices in life unless we choose not to make those choices.

This particular program pointed out the expenditure of billions of dollars incarcerating drug users. The program showed that perhaps we are taking the wrong route but, old habits are hard to break. 

We just keep spending on incarceration with a severe toxic high number of people returning to the streets from incarceration to satisfy a ‘need’ to continue their addiction.

The tv program spotlighted one example of many who were on drugs but, went through the process of re-wiring the brain choice mechanism.  That one example was clean by, choice, and Dr. Eagleman’s tests had proven positive results for a number of former drug users who had by choice gone clean.

This isn’t to imply their bodies did not crave the drug at given times.  It seems to speak to choice having precedence over physical cravings.

I choose to leave this here with a vehement recommendation for the PBS-tv Show, The Brain with Dr. David Eagleman.