The Self Appointed Police Department

I have been driving for 49 years.  As I look back, it has been a perfect record so far.  No tickets or, accidents.

Perfect driver, I am.  Never speed, don’t rush through yellow lights.  Use my turn signals in plenty of time, and in fact, I always use them at appropriate times.  I’ve never turned left in to the right lane of the street I’ll be traveling.  I’m careful watching for pedestrians.  I don’t text or, use a phone while driving.

All of this being the case, since I’m perfect shouldn’t I have the right to report everybody who’s less than perfect in their driving skills to the police?

Don’t I have the right to expect you to be just like me, and report you to the police observing the same street if you’re not perfect like me?

I’m not talking about the extremes, after all 1 mph over the speed limit, is still over the speed limit.

Or, could it be even unknown to me that, this is really me taking every opportunity possible by using a passive-aggressive reporting process as a means of reminding the authorities as to just how good I am behind the wheel?

Isn’t a situation like that, really a way of me emphasizing my perfections to an authority, while having much less to do with your imperfections?

Attempting to throw people under the bus is usually an egotistical calling of attention to oneself.

What else is being heard by the person of authority?  ‘Do you think so little of me, that I don’t notice what’s going on around me?  You think I’m incapable of doing my job without you?’

Maybe I’m getting some exercise by doing the throwing but, so much closer to under the bus than we might think.

You see how the ego could break me in this situation?