Before Episode 3 of Who’s New Season

Episode 2 aired this past week, and I was mesmerized.  This was another, ‘oh wow’ for me.  Several of the Doctor’s no break rules would be violated by, the Doctor.  Part 2 of a 2 part story brought to a conclusion.

The continuing story showed the Doctor’s confrontation with Davros.  We saw how the Doctor met Davros for the first time, and this episode has the Doctor re-visiting that past in desperation of changing the apparent outcome of the current situation.

Missy darted in, and out of the episode.  The good in the evil?  The friend within an enemy?  Michelle Gomez has taken the part, and run with it!  She has solidified her job with superior acting skills.

Don’t let me subtract any accolades from the writing.  Michelle Gomez may bring the writing to a new heights but, I’ll bet the writing brings the acting to a new level as well.  Suffice it to say, they probably all work very well with one another.

The Writers, and Producers probably never imagined for one moment what they had on paper for Missy would be given an acting interpretation this good!  Unusually good!

Hopefully Missy is around for awhile but, at the same time let’s not over do it.

The 2nd part of this 2 part story brought me to observing difficulties experienced by,  the Doctor because, as reiterated many times to the his closest friends, ‘you cannot go back to change the future.’   Yet, this time with no cards left to play, the Doctor did return to the past to do the only thing he could do because he had to change the results of this ‘final’ confrontation with Davros.

At first we were confronted with the Doctor having to admit compassion was not a part of the equation.  Compassion could not be a part of his repertoire.  Not only do we see the Doctor exercising compassion, the Doctor learned the true meaning of, mercy.

Not only did the Doctor show compassion but, he also showed mercy.  Both were always part of the Doctor’s personality.

The 3rd episode airs tonight on BBC-America.

It seems, once these new episodes air, you’ll find them repeated a couple of weeks later on IFC-tv.

No more sonic screwdriver?  It can’t be!  Please tell me, the screwdriver is not being replaced by……..sunglasses.  That just doesn’t work for me.