Who’s Ready In Less Than 9!

That’s right.  It’s not a question.  It is a long awaited statement.

This is an exciting Whovian Night as the Doctor returns on BBC-America for a new season in less than 9 hours.

Peter Capaldi returns in the role of Doctor Who however it is reported Jenna Coleman will be departing her role as the Doctor’s companion, Clara as the season progresses.

Coleman supposedly has other dimensions she would like to explore in her acting career to add to her resume, and will be leaving on good terms.

The new season premieres tonight at 9 on the coasts.

I wonder how that 9pm ‘start time’ figures for Central & Mountain Time Zones?

None the less during the broadcast tonight, no phone calls, texts, emails or, any other communication will be accepted.  Don’t come in the room or, go out.  No ‘krinkling’ of snack foods or, any other wrappers of any kind..  In fact.  Don’t even move because, we can’t have any screen blockage.

There is no bathroom!  What bathroom?

Do you really have to breathe?