This Cuts Like A Knife

Tuesday, I am being targeted.

No escaping.  I have to walk out of the house, and prepare for a sharp attack.  I can recover.

Going through the ritual is scary.  Just to know that once I walk out of this house on Tuesday, September 8th.  I am at their mercy.  It’s scary but, I’m not going to display that side of me to them.  Thats what’s best for my peace of mind.

They have a reputation with knives.  Big ones, and small ones.  Who does this to someone?

It’s okay, I’ll walk out of this house a man, and come back as a broken man but, at least a man. I can do that!

The medical community has decided I’m best under their operative care.  They’re thinking if they can re-route some of the indoor plumbing, my kidneys may function within normal limits, again.

I’m going to bring a can of kidney beans with me as replacement parts.  My jaded sense of humor.  Yes, I’m serious.