Home of Whose Religious Freedom?

America:  Home of religious freedom……………as long as you don’t breach my religious freedom, at least one of us gets religious freedom.

Most ‘organized’ religions speak of love, and acceptance.  So many seem to speak of it but, sooner if not later you will find some limitations on love, and acceptance from most who preach it.   At that point, organized religion becomes an entitlement with exclusivity.

By the way, true love is best defined by those who live love.

Real religion for me is a dictum for conducting my life.   Not everybody’s around me.  I do not stand in judgement of someone else, and their beliefs.

The latest news report has an elected official refusing marriage licenses to same-sex applicants.  If you are in such a position, and you feel it violates your principles.  Resign.  You are elected to follow the law. for all of society.

It is not the way I choose to live but, I will stand with people who are involved in that lifestyle.  They’re people with beliefs, and feelings.

If any employment is in conflict with your beliefs, you can resign.  You have that freedom.

In society, you are going to find those who don’t believe as you do.  You are not required to associate with them if you choose not to.

Religious freedom is the freedom to possess the beliefs of  choice with only one caveat.  You don’t physically harm anyone else.  That is true religious freedom.

Everyone needs to back off.  Just make sure you’re living up to your own beliefs in your own domain.

You have no right to inflict  your beliefs upon everyone.  This is where you create hate, and disharmony.  Everybody is trying to inflict everybody else with their beliefs.

This is where your love, and acceptance becomes a complete hypocrisy.  …..And why would I want to participate in an evil deed of hypocrisy?