Respect Your Elders

Well, I’m an elder, and just because I claim Senior Citizenship my age is not a reason for respect in, and of itself.  The question to be answered is; Am I deserving?

There are many life scenarios to go through, and by virtue of age I might have been there, done that.  There is a certain wisdom to be taken advantage of, possessed by many older generations.

Living out a long life has given me some wisdom.  Really?  Not necessarily but, maybe.

The wisdom of the elderly is not how much knowledge the elderly potentially possess but, how the knowledge is used.

It is our recognition of the wisdom of youth that makes us the wisest of all, and perhaps their mutual recognition of wisdom we might possess, together.

It is possible to live an entire lifetime with little wisdom. It is possible to close your mind off to the world around you, and to have gathered little to nothing over a lifetime.

By contrast, it is possible to have an open mind that gathers wisdom from an early age.

So is it the elderly or, youth that possesses the most wisdom? Neither, and both as wisdom is ever expanding, and dimensional.

Who, individually has opened their mind to wisdom? Wisdom is the only constant. Who is willing to take it in?

Wisdom doesn’t sit in judgement of who may possess it because wisdom just, is.  A never ending supply for anyone who chooses wisdom.

You never know who has more, and who might have less but, everyone has wisdom.

Never take the value of youthful wisdom for granted. That just might be the piece of the puzzle that is missing.

It may be we are missing out on some wisdom only because we’ve been told to look to our elders for wisdom, So that’s what we do, and while that may be true to some degree the package is not complete unless we have a respect, and continually take in the knowledge of the younger growing around us.

The younger possess a wisdom of their own, and unless we make it part of our wisdom data-base as we grow older, it indicates we are closed to wisdom in full.

When the elderly among us speak…..listen.

When the children speak………listen.

Your turn……My wisdom data base is merely at the beginning…..