Contemplating The Negative

Who are these people who are positively positive, 24/7?  I’m not one of them.

The positively positive 24/7s remind me of people sporting thought provoked smiles on their faces, 24/7.  I’m not one of those, either.  In fact, I’m rather stuck in stoic, if nothing else.

Real people have negative, and positive moments.  Real people will take time to process all of it.  That’s a good thing by the way.

Pretend people pretend there’s no negative.  They for one reason or another are left to a higher standard because they are a Psychologist/Psychiatrist, better yet; A Life Coach, a believer in a particular lifestyle, religion, etc.  They try to maintain a persona  in protection of a particular group or, perhaps just for the purposes of maintaining that which we perceive them to be for one reason or, another.

Do I truly believe in the Law of Attraction?  Very much so.

Why is it, I would even believe in the negative?  Because it exists.  You, and I both know that it does exist.  We all have those times when we feel if only for a moment in time that the negative may be irreconcilable.

What matters is what we do after realizing a negative situation in our lives.

Doing nothing, pretending it just doesn’t exist; It grows to come back to haunt you later.  It’s still there.  There’s just more of it as it intrudes further in to your life.

So why is it a good thing that real people will contemplate the negative?

Without acknowledgement of the negative, without an interrogation in to each, and every negative scenario there is no discovery of the positive.

Leaving the negative in tact eventually gives the mind no more room….for anything.  The mind is poisoned in negative turmoil, until something is done to reconcile an antidote for the poison.

Without pulling it apart there is no way of relocating on to a positive roadway for success.  That positive roadway could lead to another, and yes, another before leading to more positive roadways to follow.  One leading to another, and so on, and so forth.  So it is, like roadways all attracted or connected with each other.

There’s no stopping you now.  Nothing but, positive trails blazing their way through this one situation just because you chose to contemplate, interrogate, and take action on the negative for an answer.

All of us have, and are allowed our negatives but, we should treat them positively for the best results.