Protestors In Baltimore Equal To Unlawful Law Enforcement

Teach them to hit back.  That accomplishes everything.  Everybody gets to keep hitting everybody else because each is hitting back.  It never stops, and you wonder why….

Those in Baltimore who may very well have reasons,…..don’t.  They have no reason.  They think they might but, don’t.

They are joining forces with a law enforcement officer who may have been in the wrong.  They are out there rioting, acting on the same level as a lawless law officer.  Those on the street on the same level as the law officer they’re protesting against.

The people out there, looting, hurting, and possibly killing have nothing coming to them.  They just needed an excuse to act on the same level.  Predisposed to mob level activity, and looking for an excuse to exercise that level of activity.

Lawless is lawless.  Those protestors are no more entitled to act in a lawless manner than any law enforcement officer or any citizen for that matter.

There have been too many of these incidents, recently.

Investigations?  By all lawful means, and politicians need to get law enforcement under control.  It really is ridiculous that so many African-Americans are the victims of these situations.

it’s no wonder people are angry.  Wouldn’t you be concerned if as an African-American every time you go out in public it is at extra risk for no other reason.

That still does not give anyone an excuse to sink to a mob level of action.  You end up in no better place than anyone else in law enforcement or any other citizen who is unlawful.

You now become the object of your protest.  Your protest is against yourselves.