The Holy Courage & Conviction To Hate

My beliefs are correct, my lifestyle is correct, and if you echo that lifestyle, and those beliefs I will do nothing to harm you.  In fact, we can become the best of friends.

I expect as we all enter the outdoors, and in to the mixture of society, you will fall in line with the righteousness I exhibit.

Outside of our individual domains, we enter a common domain.  I have my own business courtesy of the common domain, and for all who dwell within common society.

However, I have religion.  The right one, with the right beliefs.  By not falling in line with those beliefs, you obviously are in a religion with false beliefs or, have no religion at all.

Don’t bring your unacceptable self in to my place of business or, I will simply ask you to leave or, you must renounce who you are, and become me.

My religion only accepts the acceptable.  You’re gay.  You are unacceptable.  Stay out.  Perhaps you’re contagious.  You might infect me or, one of my customers.  My religious convictions need to be protected.

That is what the United States has written in to their founding articles.  Freedom of religion.

True.  In your private domain, in your place of worship but, in the common domain everyone is guaranteed the same right.

Indiana is using religion as a smokescreen to discriminate. To hate.

This is only the beginning.  Other states have already enacted legislation or, have similar laws on the table.  The religious ‘hate laws.’

Religion is possibly being used as an excuse to help destroy the United States as intended.

How many Christian tenets are being violated by this legislation?  Where are the ‘true’ Christians with love for everyone?  With acceptance for all?  Just as Jesus advocated.  Where are the people who follow the teachings as laid before them?

One of the biggest tenets of the Christian-Judaeo community is, ‘only one judge.’  ‘Judge not, lest you be judged.’

Why do I remain outside the walls of traditional religions??  I can’t hate.  Not even them.  Mostly I feel very sorry for those who have trouble coping with fear of the unknown, and transcending that fear of the unknown in to hate.

Indiana’s House Speaker Mike Bosma is registering in with CNBC on a ‘fix’ for the legislation.  Indiana intends for proper clarification of a non-discriminatory policy declaring no person or, persons may be denied goods, and services based on sexual orientation, let alone other critical areas of discrimination.

He asserted the original legislation has been misrepresented.  It was never meant to discriminate in any way.  The intention was to enhance the United States standing on freedom of religion.

If these laws are not meant to discriminate, and divide the United States community then, please explain.  Many of us are curious as to the necessity of such legislation in any state if, it is one of the pillars of the rights given to the citizens of the United States.

There is only one reason I can think each state would need such a law, and that would be to establish court jurisdiction over the freedom of religion.

Maybe you needn’t look any further than your home state for an identical law.  I know I don’t, and don’t even have to background check it though, I will.