CEOs Are Beginning To Hear My Message

Excuse me before I go any further because, I need to put my ego to rest, and my arm hurts from the stretch.  You know, patting myself on the back.

The message is beginning to take effect with some of the biggest company CEOs in the country.

I write.  They respond.  Okay so, maybe it isn’t necessarily ‘my’ message getting around but, the message is beginning to take hold. I’m just glad I can participate.

Truth be known at this point, I’m not caring why the message takes hold.  Only that it does.  You’ll note my previous entries on the business structure as we know it, including my
most recent,
and then there was this one.

Within the past couple of weeks, Wal-Mart’s CEO has begun an entry in to bottom line better financial treatment of the in store personnel.

Just today, Target is cutting payroll but, not at the store level.

If I may maintain some sarcasm on this one, perhaps the CEO of Target sees that having a
Vice President of Shoe Laces being paid at the appropriate Vice-Presidential level may be better off saved or, at least partially re-invested in a better store experience with happy, better paid employees.

A $3b savings for Target with the elimination of unnecessary upper echelon corporate personnel.

We are possibly at a new beginning, and there are some CEOs ready to run the play, which when finely tuned looks more, and more like Costco.