Net Neutrality Regs. Approved

The United States Government has seized control over the internet through a new regulation pact issued by, The Federal Communications Commission.

On the face, nothing changes……

The government’s intent was to maintain neutrality on the net.  That is, no one content provider or, user gets preferential  use of the internet.

Intent is unfortunately not enough.

By assuming control of the internet, it leaves lawmakers room to impede the freedom of the information highway in more ways than one.  This includes not only content but, how it may be provided, and how much you will pay to receive that content.

We, in the United States refuse to clean up government to make it work as it should.

One aspect of that clean-up would include a ban on group, and corporate lobbyists.  Many groups with the financial means to send professional lobbyists to Washington do so to influence the lawmaking process.

The lobbyists have a professional relationship, and are able to have an audience with lawmakers that the common public does not enjoy.

Now that the well meaning government has seized control of the internet, what prevents those corporate interests from having influence over future legislation of the internet?

These  regulations come under the guise of a Presidency that is so well intended but, just as well ill advised.

Speaking of intent; Wasn’t the intent of the internet an, equal ride for everyone along the information highway?