Homeland Security May Cease, & Halt

Your U.S. Government is once again too busy for the trivialities of government.  They are busy with ‘issues’ more important than that.  The best team in the contest.

The importance of being Republican, or Democrat is center stage……again.  One political phrase they can share on equal terms:  Dare to be different even when there is no need for difference, just to be different.

The very important status of one over the other, and determined not to lose face, the Republicans and Democrats may just shut it down.  They can’t agree on how to finance the department.  Attachments.

How about no attachments?  How about only the business at hand?  How about if, there are never attachments to any bill.  Just the subject at hand.  No reasons to skip out on responsibility for voting for or against on one bill or, another because of attachments.

No more laws being parts of other laws.

Some Congressional Representatives may be saying, ‘I couldn’t vote for funding Homeland Security because there was Migrant funding on the same bill.’

Strategy:  Can’t have it my way?  Then, certainly you won’t have yours.  Then, turn around, point finger of blame directly at you.  Then, vociferously reiterate the fault as yours.  It works every time.

The segment of the public belonging to each respective political party unequivocally understands without question where the fault lies.  No details necessary, they knew where the fault was before anything took place.  Ask any staunch party member.  They are first to tell you they are open minded but, can never find anything correct with the other party beginning with their mere existence.

So, the psychology of group validation is more important than any one issue, and no wonder they refuse each other. They’re suppose to be different.

….And why, you ask does government get stuck on the issues with little to no accomplishment?  The importance of political party group ego takes precedence.  Group validation keeps the individual ego firmly focused on the group.

They are not issue oriented but, rather strategies to maintain difference just to distinguish themselves from each other.

In the mean time.  Screw the country.  What country?  This is the more important business of the egotistical need to belong to one group or the other.   An individual ego protected by the group umbrella.

I am not interested on how Congress keeps government open for business, I am interested only in that they do.  Don’t care how they arrive there. It’s their job to arrive there.

If they don’t get there, they can point fingers all they like but, the one commonality is they did not get there, and they all share equal blame.  The blame is shared by the Republican, and Democratic egoists, together.

When we first went global, so many decades ago, my father told me ‘we have two major problems impeding progress in the United States; Democrats, and Republicans.’

One destination, two very different paths at arriving there.

When the day arrives that a Republican can be complimentary to one thing a Democrat wants as policy, and vice-versa is when the Government will begin to function as it should function.

America matters beyond egotistical bickering over who the best team might be.

For the record, I am Independent, and belong to no political party for group validation.  At least I can say, my feelings are genuinely my own.