Minimum Wage Law Is Unnecessary

In a truly capitalistic society you wonder why there is a minimum wage law?  Why do we have to put up with this kind of law if, people will freely work at a wage offered under the ‘minimum wage?’

Sadly, this capitalistic society is loaded with greed.  The one factor not taken in to account by, all who know or, at least should know the total equation for a successful business.

Those that invested, those who started up, and continued operating their businesses within America’s brand of capitalism made it to big time dollars, and deservedly so.  They also made a huge mistake.

They decided to take their companies to the next level, and even the next.  The momentum for some has been great.  …And the returns made them very rich.

Some had gone through business training at one level or, another.  They learned first, before anything else to control expenses.  Expenses can kill a business.

The easiest expense to control is payroll.  Many of today’s business leaders live by that golden bit of information.

Business does not teach the insertion of ‘humanity’ in to economics.  It teaches the general way to insure the greatest profit possible under those circumstances.

I’m not sure I’m even talking about humanity as I am, common sense.  So, perhaps by taking the emotions out of finance, they are taught without common sense but, only a robotic accounting skill to conduct their profitable business.

Pay the employees as little as possible if not less.  The equation is, the business continues as a profitable venture because of the employees but also, at the expense of employees.

What kind of chatter goes on amongst your employees?  I am among them daily, and the following accounts for some of the feelings expressed.

I know.  There are rules against such chatter by many employers.  I would bet Costco has no reason for a no chatter rule.

Why would an employer have to put those kind of restrictions on chatter?  The employer may not be stupid but, where the employer misses is, neither is the employee.  The employee like the employer is fully aware of inferior treatment, and who’s doing it to whom.

No wonder employees feel as they do.  They feel unappreciated, and hardly able to function within today’s economics.

I have personally ‘given back’ payroll so, it will all balance for them at the top.  No amount of ‘casual jeans’ days puts gas in the car or, pays my electric bill.  In fact, I have to go buy a pair of jeans I don’t normally wear.  Save a casual jeans day for elsewhere but, it is not necessary in the work place.

I’m not ten years old any more, and wearing jeans like everybody else does not fuel ‘team spirit’ in lieu of an excellent employer.

Everything they learned in business profitability training is true but, not to such a fault that a corporation may freely spend payroll on a dozen vice-presidents, and take a nickel back from me.

CEOs once made hundreds of thousands of dollars, and today it climbs to the multimillions.  Those responsible for the day to day activities at the front lines of the business are left in the dust with as little payroll expense to the company as possible.

Go to school, take business, and learn the business of controlling business expense which means payroll at the bottom levels.

Most CEOs are greedy to a fault.  Society as a whole gives license to this trait.  There is never enough profit.  Certainly not enough to pay employees a liveable wage conducive to the current economy.

It is easy to run a company using the text book guide.  The typical business model fresh out of the classroom.  Typical, non-inventive CEOs are multimillions of dollars worth of greed, penalizing the country’s economy.

How much more work gets done without anxieties felt by not being able to deal with home economics?  How much training expense is there when good people are continually leaving for better circumstances?  Turnover increases payroll expense.

The economic disparity in business is huge, and it will probably remain huge but, it was never meant to be as huge as it is, now.  The gap created by excessive greed.

If more employers voluntarily operate on the Costco model, the problem is solved.

Costco voluntarily starts all personnel well above the current minimum wage.  All personnel must start in the warehouse as there are no promotions for officers of Costco that haven’t been there first.

The magic is starting to spread as other retailers explore Costco’s business model for success.  They are learning it is their people giving customers the best experience possible.  The same people who, are loyal to the company with no reason to chatter negatively about their employer.

The new CEO of WalMart, looking for long term benefit has arrived at the conclusion that Costco may just have something in their business model.  One of his first orders of business is to give raises to all the employees on the front lines in the stores.

Short term loss for WalMart on Wall Street unless it is a company put in a portfolio as a long term stabilizer for the portfolio.

Should there be a pull back in price, I might just like to partake in a little of that long term stabilization.

Long term, voluntary corporate participation in fair treatment of employees across the board will minimize, and possibly eliminate the need for a government imposed minimum wage.

This could very well lead to lots of disposable income being dispensed in to a healthy economy.  All because the greed that somehow drives, is driven with more caution.