Weak, Weaker, & The Weakest Minds Gather Together

Apparently, ‘gang’ leaders of the world are very bright.  They prey upon the most stupid as recruits.

Those dissatisfied with current circumstances, naive to gang activities looking for any reason to rebel are prime targets for training, and induction as new recruits.

The new recruits are not as smart.  No sign of approaching smart territory.  They are easily influenced, and willing to take on the ’cause’ even if there is no cause.

They are filled with double,and triple talk as they become familiarized with a non-existent cause.  All they are looking for is a cause, and anything will do.  Material for rebellion.  They are taught to embrace a fantasy .  The entire world is to blame for their state of existence, and that society needs to be taught a lesson.

They are given an endorsement to rebel against society as a whole as opposed to accepting responsibility for their own existence.

Their exasperated minds are filled with an opportunity to have a meaning assigned to their lives but only as imagined by the rhetoric they are fed.

By this time, they become fully initiated, and willing to do anything in trade for a sense of belonging to the cause.

They are taught that nothing is more noble than giving up their lives for the cause.  The opportunity for their lives to really mean something even when given for the cause.  Martyrdom.

The entire world looks on as their lives slip to nothing.  Their lives lost as nothing but a mere spec of energy that once was, and will mean nothing in the context of recorded world history.

Here is the irony.  Recruits are taught to give up their lives when and if necessary for the cause but, those doing the training, the brainwashing, the recruiting remain part of the less noble.  They have no intentions of being so noble.

They have the brain power to know that once they give up their own lives they can no longer punish the world for the cause utilizing the much less intelligent.  The recruits.

Anyone taking responsibility for their own life is untouchable by these recruiters.  They cannot be recruited for such hollow ideas.  They, unlike these recruiters, the ‘teachers’ have no fear of losing any control.

They have control, they maintain it in their own lives with no desire for control over someone else as a substitute.  After all, if you have control of your own life there is no need to control others as you have all the control necessary to be living independently, and content.

Substitutes as such are for the weak, the unhappy, and those without nobility.  You may control others temporarily in one context or another but, if you have no control over your own life you have nothing.  They are afraid…..scared.

They shouldn’t be scared of losing anything they never really had but, rather they fear taking the responsibility, and opportunity to control their own lives independent of any group endorsement.

The strong, and noble will subscribe to themselves first, while happily canceling all group endorsement subscriptions which will become superfluous.