I Aced The Universe

I win!!

Last week I fell one entire flight of stairs.  My son greeted me at the bottom.  ‘Do I need to call someone?’  I am told, I told him ‘no but, be sure the anchovies are on it.’

Humor was obviously in tact but, no pizza with anchovies for me tonight.  Something else already on for dinner.

I got up, and everything was in working order.  No pain.

I could do that again because, I am like superman.  What gives me so much ability to resist the pain I should have been feeling?  Me.  Just me.  I’m a power house, a man’s man.  I’m somebody I didn’t know I was, and I aced the universe.

Turn the clock forward about 36 hrs.  I’ve had that amount of time to adjust to my new found status of a man’s man.  A double duded, dude!  I was all of that for 36 hrs.  Gave myself props with my wife reiterating the entire situation several times.  ‘You have a hubby dude!!’

That exuberance was calming down just a bit when, a rather small pain started to sneak in on the left side.  No big deal because I am the dude!  With as much energy as I was projecting in to being the dude, the universe was coming back with pain.  A warning not to flirt with karma.

At that time, I was much too busy exercising the super dude ego.  No time for warnings.  No time to think of pain postponement due to normal shock that happens to just about everybody under similar circumstances.

It was time for a new manifestation.  The reality of pain transcending the innocent shock early on.  The disappearance of the dude’s dude.  Gone within 36 hours.

This ‘dude’ has seen a doctor.  A fractured rib indicated but pics show no harm to the lungs.

Within 36 hours of the incident my ego learned new lessons of me, and I learned a little more of how the ego can dude me out if, I am not a little more careful,  a little more observant, and more cautious.

I aced the universe because I thought I did.  Not because I did because, I didn’t.  The pain becomes excruciating, and it dawns on me that there is something very real.  I am not superman.  The ego shuts down, and yields to reality.

Nobody gets to cheat the universe, and win.  There is a normal order.  There are some rules, and it is that set of rules that keeps us humbled before the universe.

The acceptance of those rules, and how we deal with them is how we do win.  That is how we ace the universe.