It took a laser peel to remove the infection primarily concentrated on my nose.  No cancer found.

The infection was spreading at a rather rapid pace but, remained concentrated in one area.  My wife was more observant than I was, and quipped it looked like a VW Bug planted in the center of my face.

The idea hit home with me upon staring in to a security camera at a local retailer, and seeing a gargantuan nose covering the entire screen.  If only you could sell that as extra real estate.  It might have been the equivalent to several acres.

That procedure is behind me now but, I was advised at the time that another procedure may be needed for any residual scar tissue.  Talk about some weight loss as a positive after effect.  Had to have been worth a few calories.

Scar tissue did develop, and Friday at about 10am I was put under for a procedure to chase down the scar tissue.

This time they used Ambien amongst several anesthetics to put me out.  Never had it before, and never intend to have it, again.  There is nothing on earth to fight the after effects of this med.  I slept, waking up only for the purpose of going back to sleep, again.  All day long on Friday, and it took me well in to Saturday as well.  This stuff laughs at the strongest cup of coffee.

Today, I’m easing out of the Ambein hold on me.

Should they need to put me out, again for whatever reason, I will ask for an alternative if given a choice.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to get a little more sleep.