Who Said What, and Now It’s Over?

Season 8 of Doctor Who has come, and gone.  The season finale kept me reeling with changing situations throughout.  So many twists, and turns, I was glued to the TV set.  This was an excellent ‘do not leave the room during breaks’ episode.

The season finale answered some questions, and of course introduced new possibilities for next season but not before a Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The last episode played out Danny Pink’s apparent death or, was it truly his demise?  We are left with Danny Pink updated by, Missy who wasn’t Missy but, the Master.

Missy would dominate the world with a new version of Cybermen of her own invention.  As humanity passed on from life as we know it to be we learned of the after life with Missy in charge.  It was also known as, more life, more of the same but, after.

Missy, and her cohorts had invented a way for Cybermen to create clouds of Cybermen to pollinate the graveyards worldwide, creating new Cybermen from the buried dead.

Earlier one of Missy’s subordinates was interviewing Danny Pink as he entered Missy’s domain.  Pink was informed the relationship between the dead, and their ‘former selves’ remained in tact even as they were upgraded to Missy’s Cybermen.   Each would be given the opportunity to ‘delete’ themselves as having never been to separate their emotional ties from continuing.  We are to take all of this in the context of computer hardware, and software.

Danny & Clara meet one more time as Danny reveals himself to her as a Cyberman.  They tell each other how much they love each other but, Danny asks Clara for one last favor.  To activate the inhibitor to relieve him of the hurt he feels as his love for Clara will not go away.

The Doctor vehemently disagrees with this favor, telling Clara that Danny would no longer be Danny but, rather just another Cyberman.  The Doctor warns that Danny would not think twice about killing her, and he would not lay off knowing it would be a move made resulting in her suicide.

In the name of love, Clara completes the deed despite the Doctor’s objections.  We then see Danny’s conversion to a Cyberman as complete.

So, now I’m thinking the contract negotiations with Jenna Coleman may not be going well, and this is where Clara exits for the last time as Danny is now a completed Cyberman who  would certainly kill Clara.  Instead we see, love transcends.  The promise of love is stronger than a mere Cyberman.  Danny the complete Cyberman is caressing Clara keeping his promise to love Clara with the Doctor looking on.

Danny had retrieved the bracelet hardware controlling all the Cybermen. The Doctor puts in a plea to Danny to see the plan in detail so he might circumvent Missy’s overall plan of controlling earth with a new brand of Cybermen.  Danny has no answer for him but, the point pursued, Danny looks deeper and the plan is revealed as developed seems like Missy could still be victorious.

Clara retrieves Missy’s hardware that Missy has used to eliminate her enemies, and threatens her with the same death.

The Doctor has become defensive of Missy by telling Clara not to kill Missy.  He takes the hardware Clara has gotten that Missy has been using to eliminate her rivals..  After all of that, Clara tells the Doctor she loathes his decision to protect Missy.  He explains, I wasn’t protecting her but rather preventing you from the task as the Doctor kills Missy.

It appears the Doctor has done the deed but, was it the Doctor?  If not then, who kills Missy?  Has River returned?

Danny now having full control of the Cybermen armies prevents the clouds of Cybermen from pollinating, and creating new Cybermen.  Instead he takes control of an up to now hopeless situation.  He orders the Cybermen to burn the clouds, and the order is obeyed.  Missy’s plan fails.

The time frame moves forward several weeks.  Clara requests the Doctor meet with her as she has something very important to tell him.  Before she can say what she came to say, he interrupts her.  ‘I know, he says knowing of Danny’s supposed return to Clara by, the bracelet she wears.  ‘You, and Danny are together, and our relationship must end.’  That wasn’t it but, Clara relents, and merely agrees.

They get up from the table as Clara requests a hug.  The Doctor reluctantly agrees.  She asks, ‘Why don’t you like hugging?’  ‘It’s a matter of trust.  Just a way of hiding your face.’

Missy had earlier revealed the home coordinates of Gallifrey, and the Doctor could go home.  Knowing this was an opportunity for the Doctor to go home, she gave the Doctor an out, and the opportunity to follow through.

Okay so, is this the last of Clara?  How many times had the Jenna Coleman contract negotiation been at the bottom of a possible exit in the story?  It could still go either way.

The Doctor at the door of the TARDIS, and Clara outside thanks him for making her feel so special.  He is also uniquely thankful to her for ‘the same.’  Each has hidden something from the other besides just their faces.  Clara is not with Danny, and it appears the coordinates for Gallifrey given by, Missy were false.   This apparent ending to their relationship is completed on falsehoods from both sides for the convenience, and happiness of the other.

The season finale went to credits………

….and right in the middle of the ending credits, there is an abrupt disruption.  A man is heard entering the TARDIS.  ‘You didn’t think we’d end it this way?  So, Doctor’ the man continues, ‘What would you like for Christmas?’  The man was dressed as Santa Claus or, we are led to believe it is Santa Claus anyway.

Excellent ending right to a promo for a Doctor Who Christmas Special!