I Promise You The Universe

Tuesday’s the day.  They should be promising the universe like they usually do but, that doesn’t seem to be the offer this time around.

Instead, the other candidate is a bad ‘thing’ from another planet here solely to make your life more difficult, and by the way they are not offering you the universe.  Not that the candidate presenting this garbage on tv is offering you the universe but, they’re  hoping you sort of skip that point.

I trust Doctor Who can deliver the universe sooner than any candidate advertising on television, and pretending they represent me in Washington or, in my home State.

Don’t know how it’s going on your side of town but, I can tell you all the advertising for one candidate is a lyrical tirade regarding  a horrid candidate on the other side who  will not be representing your well being.

One thing for sure, it’s not about any issues but, more one team obstructing the other from accomplishing any of its’ intentions.

Republican?  Democrat?  What issues?  Americans lose…………………..again.

Go team, go!  What a farce!