Flapper Protests Raises For Flippers

Any kind of raise Fast Food Workers might be able to attain should go to the troops according to a commentator on FOX Business.  He further went on to make a point ‘Burger Flippers’ have little relative worth.  ‘They’re just Burger Flippers.’

I found myself surfing the TV channels a couple of weekends ago, saw FOX Business and figured, why not?  Now I know the answer.  I’ll stay with CNBC  just because of that particular case of blatant stupidity exhibited on FOX.

Don’t misunderstand.  CNBC has also had its’ time in the ‘stupid’ arena but, no other ‘news’ organization but FOX oozes blatant stupidity by their mere existence.

It says, FOX Business on the TV guide.  They claim to be business yet, they obviously don’t get that any money allocated the military takes an act of Congress not, skimming off of private sector employee paychecks.

The FOX commentary was appealing to a popular premise if, you don’t think about a reasonable equation to support that premise.  The premise: more pay for the troops.

If they can’t add 1 + 1, and get 2 why would I watch FOX for Business?  The FOX agenda appeals to those who want a cause to rally around with little or no reason.  It appeals on a premise without substance.

Let me see.  Next time this joker goes in to his boss at FOX Business for a raise, the money should go to the troops.

How much relative worth does someone have, who whines, annoys, disrespects others, publicly discredits people and the work they perform?  By his own logic, any bit of a raise should go to the troops.

This over paid commentator has little relative worth by comparison.   The remark showed disrespect for possibly some of their own viewers.  Another reason to find them wickedly stupid.

I am thankfully not, a fast food worker.  Not every one is cut out for it.  I tried a good many years ago, and there are specific time frames for every task.  Each task performed with strict specifics.  It takes someone special.  I wasn’t, and I’m not.  At least in that context.

These people are Fast Food Workers not, ‘Burger Flippers.’  Some are ex-military, some aspire to management, high school, and college students, some experiencing their first job, and all trying to survive financially.  They are making a concerted effort to succeed within the framework of the American business structure.

Perhaps some ‘Lip Flappers’ with relative little worth should be made to try to survive financially on  true relative worth.

No raises for worthless ‘Lip Flappers’ on FOX.  Unless of course it is allocated for the troops.