Kevin, ‘I’m Out’

Kevin O’Leary has lots & lots of money but, could probably have more.  O’Leary is a master at making money but, has not accumulated near the amount of money he might have  acquired.

He has constantly indicated to applicants on the Sharks tv show, ‘nothing is more important than the return on his money.’  Using that as a sometimes single qualifier in his own mind, he has many times told entrepeneurs looking for his investment, ‘I’m out.’

O’Leary has said on CNBC away from reruns of the Sharks, ‘there is nobody more important than his stockholders.  He indicated his employees, and even customers rate below his stock holders.

More, and more business people including Jack Ma of Alibaba seem to disagree with him.  Employees come first.

The equation:  Happy, well paid employees = Best Customer Service possible = Satisfied, loyal customers = More Profit for stock holders.  And that’s how you do it.

When profit is down, invest back in to the business.  Don’t go skimming nickels, and dimes from your employees.

Cut back, and the end result is keeping profits down which is certainly no way to treat stock holders.

So, Kevin may have more money than I can imagine at the moment.  I imagine more in my future but, not with Kevin O’Leary as an investor.

My business will be well vested with the community.  My very happy, very well paid employees will happily be taking very good care of an ever increasing loyal, local customer base.  I intend to maintain that level.

It is about the money but, there’s more for everybody with the continuing reinvestment in the business.  That means also reinvesting in quality people who make the business a success.

By keeping with those priorities, I’ll have satisfied stock holders as the business prospers.

Eventually, I’ll have more, and will accomplish O’Leary’s goal of keeping the stockholders quite pleased, with complete social conscience in harmony with a happy, well paid employee base.

For those reasons Kevin, I’m out!