The Box

Most of you who are familiar with me know; Politics raises my ire!  Every hair on my head gains length, thrust upward as if there was a crazy glue hair gel.

Many get stuck in a political box, and don’t take ownership of that box as if embarrassed by it.  Embarrassed at being a Republican or, Democrat eager to demonstrate open mindedness.

I am often approached by people claiming no allegiance to a particular political party but, use a substitute claim of being liberal or, conservative.  This indicates some sort of open mindedness at least for the claimants.

Bull!  You’re wrapped up inside a political party box.  How do I know?  Time for q&a.  You don’t have to answer to anyone but, you.

Actually I have two questions for all of you open minded Conservatives, and Liberals.

1.  When was the last time you as a Conservative voted for a Democrat?  Liberals , a Republican?

Now, continuing on with your open mindedness, and the second question.

2.   When was the last time you, as an open minded Conservative favored any policy served up by the Democrats, and as a Liberal offered a compliment for the Republicans?

I’m pretty confident you know where we end up on this one.  It’s why there’s so much discrepancy in government.  More interested in maintaining a home in the box.  More to the point, why there is no art of compromise for the sake of society as a whole.

The open minded box dwellers might secretly agree to not agree, even if they do agree for fear of getting kicked out of their respective boxes.

Come on, get with it……If I can’t have it my way, shut it down?  And oh yeah,  hand me a paycheck for my trouble.

A paycheck for what?  Accomplishment?  Production?  Let’s not forget, we are allowing for it.  Those in political boxes are so busy…….blaming!  Meanwhile we allow for Congress to shut down government, get paid to do it, and nothing gets done.

We ought to be forcing the hand of these so called representatives with time limits for everything.  Can’t get it done?  Abdicate your thrones!

It will continue without change because the majority sits, and lazily dwells in one box or the other.

As an addendum because it just now occurred to me, what is so open minded about limiting yourself to either being Conservative or, Liberal?