Feline Princess IQ

How smart can a feline princess be?

I have often wondered; Is it possible these little creatures limited to a series of meows have an IQ anywhere near a human being?

Thinking on that, I have come to a conclusion.   It is possible their intelligence exceeds human intelligence.

My feline princess worships the sunrise.  Every morning at almost the same time, she jumps from her resting place on the back of the couch to the sliding glass doors to watch dark turn to light.  Every morning.  She seems mesmerized by this miracle of the universe.

Once there is total sunlight, she becomes responsive to my voice once again, which is normal for her.  Is this her daily ritualistic meditation?

Linguistics?  She only has several variations of meow.  That’s it.  So, who’s smarter?  She can live a lifetime of successful communication with one, two syllable word.  Humans on the other hand not only have a different word for everything but, put up walls of misunderstanding between countries, and groups within countries inventing a myriad of linguistics.

Dogs everywhere bark to communicate, and my feline princess can communicate with her peers anywhere in the world.

Ironic, as I wonder if she looks at me possibly thinking of all the time I must waste every day pondering each chosen word.  Is she thinking just how easy language arts can be?  Is she wondering why we make it so difficult when a simple me-ow will do.  Me-ow says everything.

So, my ego offers me an opportunity to look at my feline princess with much love as always  but, with some sort of superiority as a member of one specie over another.  One that is not blessed with all the attributes, and opportunity reserved for me only because I am human.

Is it possible by mere specie assignment she has surpassed a lower level of human need & want?  How can we be so sure these other species don’t know more than we do?

We can’t communicate with a mere me-ow but they can, and with thousands of words we can’t establish any literal interpretation of me-ow.

Did it ever once occur to me that she possibly looks at me with much love but with disdain for making life so difficult when it could be so much easier?

Not until now.  Me-ow.