Karma Chamelion

How exactly, can one person prey upon another?  Take the life from them?

If I were to be callous on the subject, looking to the supposed victim the question becomes why would they have the karma they do?  Is this a weird twist on things?  It has been said everyone carries appropriate karma for which they receive an appropriate response from the universe.

The killer kills.  The killer brings on their own karma.  By the same token, does the victim also have a victim’s karma to reconcile?  By the rules of karma, can we just stand back and observe a victim who must have deserved what they got in the name of karma?  Is it in the name of karma or, only our perception of karma?

Perhaps karma is not for us to judge.  Karma is there, we all have it based on how we conduct ourselves.  Is it a reflection, and a self written manifesto of the detailed cause & effect that is an imprint for life?

What about change?  Can you change karma or, must each bit of karma you create be reconciled before any change can occur by your actions in the moment?

So, is it then true, nothing occurs by accident?  Karma is the dictator?

Is this thesis, are these questions built on faulty ground?  Is one important item missing?

Universal reconciliation of karma, and not simply our judgements placed on human interaction as the resolution of karma.

Judgement.  Ego.

Are we interfering with the universe, and mistakenly putting ourselves in its’ place?  Is it recognizing we as humans are a part of the universe but, we are not the universe?

Some basics on karma, and a meditation exercise for good, and bad karma is available from
The Responsive Universe