Oil Pulling Can Be Enwhitening

The dark, dark circles that surround my eyes even scared me once in awhile. I’m sure others thought that it was an illness, and some thought it might be an expression of membership in a group of something.

No. None correct except the scary to look at part of the story.

I started oil pulling using coconut oil about three months ago with a promise to report back.

Not that I can prove or disprove the validity of oil pulling but, drawing a timeline back, I’ve noticed essentially two things since beginning. Teeth, and circles.

As for teeth, my dentist has commented that my teeth are highly susceptible to staining especially with the amount of coffee I consume. Even with constant maintenance.  My teeth are easier to maintain, and while not perfect, they have become relatively more ‘enwhitened.’

The dark circles surrounding my eyes that have been cultivating since my teens have lightened up considerably.

So now I can see the bags due to aging under my eyes that may have been hidden by the circles.

Oil pulling has quite a history, and more information is available on this web site dedicated exclusively to oil pulling.